Shhhh… we’re going on a turkey hunt.

It began with a good cuppa coffee, which is how most things begin in these here parts of the world. Or as I love to call it, Beautiful Bible Grove.

She awoke in the early hours of light. You may be familiar with the early light of spring. It is hard to resist.

Her daily grind consists of that very thing, using the only Manual Coffee Grinder Made in the USA

Her daily grind consists of that very thing, using the only Manual Coffee Grinder Made in the USA. Some may call her crazy, some may call her a kook but those that know her KNOW she has learned (& is still learning TBH) to enjoy her daily grind.

As she soaked in the early morning rays she heard Mr. Turkey shout his song in the distance. Shortly after he sang his tune, a gun shot echoed across the hills of the Grove.

Oh dear, she thought as she wondered if his days were done. But just a little minute later Mr. Turkey made his voice known. That turkey is still in the land of the living. She imagined him laughing at the gun shot and him thinking it was a nice try, Mr. Hunter.

Soon, her Mister joined her for a few moments soaking in the warmth of the sunshine. His ears tuned in to the gobble and his heart quickened with the anticipation of a turkey hunt. She asked Mister if he could tell how close or far Mr. T was in regards to their current location. He mumbled…hard tellin’.

She suggested they go on a Turkey walk minus the dogs, of course. Their wolf pack did NOT approve of this idea but conceded in the hopes of having a delicious turkey supper.

They gathered their turkey gear with such things as a little camo here and a walking stick there. And the Mister obviously brought his favorite coffee, in his coffee mug. Oh. Mr. also put his turkey call in his shirt pocket and carried his gun safely. They were ready for their morning adventure.

He & She took off across the way and only made it a few steps when they heard a BARK behind them. Puzzled, they spun to see the wolf pack trotting & running toward them. So excited!

Whaaat?!? Did the critters change their minds AND figure out how to open the door? Apparently. Taking a tiny bit of time she showed their dogs the way back in to hold down the fort. The yellows & polar bear went along reluctantly, longing to take part in the venture.

She & Her Mister continued on their journey. His goal was to bag a gobbler. Hers… well she may have gotten distracted with the spring foliage & butterflies and clouds. She fell behind, just a little. And at the very second she fell behind, that sneaky Tom high-tailed it across the horizon.

Looking back He caught a glimpse of She.

Taking in the sights and smells and colors of Spring. Of LIFE. We are NOT here to stop and smell the flowers, said he. We are HERE to get the main course.

She tip-toed as sneakily as she could toward he. But the damage was done. It was clear, Tom Turkey got a glimpse of she and made a run for it.

They took quite a bit more time to seek out Tom T. but he won this round… This time.

Mister was upset at the UNsuccessful hunt & she was quite delighted with the whole thing. But TBH, Mr. Enjoyed their morning immensely with only a little disappointment for not bagging that sneaky bast…. errrr… Big Bird. Next TIME! he shouted, while shaking his fist in the sky.

We shall see how the next adventure turns out, only time will tell.


ps. You’ve really gotta try an adventure with your SO. And if you don’t have an SO, ask a friend. Or, even better… take an adventure with yourself, you just never do know what or who you will discover.

psst. You probably need to try Rooster’s coffee. Mister is a fine roaster. It is also helpful that we start with the good stuff, you know who you are.

And another thing… We ALL know Who fuels us, well I hope you know. His NAME is Jesus. But another thing I do know, He loves when we enjoy His creation, nature and each other. And a piping Hot Cup O’ Joe. (if that is something to your taste, perhaps you prefer a spot of tea or creamy cocoa.)

Oh! She knows He probably shoulda taken a handmade Rooster potbelly mug, but this one is from his grampa and it brings back the good memories…so she let it slide.

O taste and see that the Lord is good; How blessed is the man who takes refuge in Him!
‭Psalms 34:8

DISclaimers – because it seems folks these days are hard of reading between the squares: This story may have a few embellishments and does NOT represent any one or two or more people, in spite of any similarities. And I am super sure you know way more about the character of a turkey and the thrill of the chase, it’d be fun to hear your spin on your adventures. It was also written & self-edited by a non PROfessional, so cut a sister some slack.

It may seem that He & She are bias and they may be. However, betwixt them, they have a few lotta years under their belts. And it makes their hearts pitter patt when others learn from their own version of MISsteps. Or as I sometimes call it, the ChaCha. Take it or leave it, you’ve got a choice.

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