Just add your favorite sprouting seeds. One of the best and easiest to grow are alfalfa sprouts. Sprouts are so easy to grow and a wonderful way to get your live enzymes and fresh greens.

My mom always grew sprouts growing up. I never appreciated them as a kid… but I am oh so thankful she ‘planted the seed’. Sprouts are delicious on salads, sandwiches, fajitas etc.

Kit includes your choice of 1.5 pint (24oz) wide mouth Ball Jar or 1 pint (16oz) wide mouth Elite Ball Jar and screen for draining.

How To Grow Sprouts

Add 1 – 2 T desired sprouting seeds to bottom of jar. (alfalfa sprouts are a great place to start)
Fill jar with lukewarm water, screw on lid. Soak overnight.
In the morning drain water from seeds, leave overnight.
Rinse seeds and drain well each morning. Repeat process until you have a jar full of sprouts.
It is important to rinse daily and make sure it drains well.
Enjoy your sprouts in a variety of ways! On salads, sandwiches, fajitas etc.