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You guys! We were able to ship our last batch of mills mid May. Justin is working on the next batch and we are working toward shipping early July. Thanks so much for your patience and understanding as we continue to learn and grow. Put your orders in to reserve yours. ~Britta

For the Best Cup O’ Joe hand.grind with our own hand coffee grinder, the Camano Coffee Mill.

The original Steampunk Coffee Grinder. We spent the last several years working on manufacturing our own hand coffee grinder in the USA. Read more about it here. The Camano Coffee Mill offers settings for a super fine grind (Turkish) to a coarse grind (French Press) and everything in between. The ceramic burr provides an extra consistent grind and there are more settings for additional grind options. The top arch is cast iron & a cast iron arch inside the hopper offering further stability for the shaft which allows for a much more consistent grind. After using our first mechanism that was manufactured in Taiwan we made several functional & aesthetic changes making the Camano Coffee Mill a superior hand coffee grinder. There are NO plastic parts and its beauty and old world charm make it stand out from the crowd.

It’s pretty easy to adjust the grind, though you do need to use two hands. Just lift up on the lock bracket against the spring and turn the lock washer to the left (counter-clockwise) for a coarser grind or to the right (clockwise) for a finer grind. It may be a little tight when you first get your grinder, but it will get easier with use. And it is important to have the lock bracket, as it locks the grind in place.

Our hand grinder can also be used to grind flax seed, cinnamon sticks, peppercorn and other dry seeds or spices.

Mason Style Jar.

We use all of Red Rooster’s goods on a daily basis and are so sure that you will love your hand.built goods just as much as we do that we offer a 90-day Money Back {No Questions Asked} Satisfaction Guarantee!

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Weight4 lbs
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