The pictures just don’t do ’em justice… I hear this a LOT! And it’s so true. But hopefully these pics of the doors Justin built for a log ‘cabin’ (yes, one home – 6 doors, 5 different styles & finishes, 8.5 feet tall) will give you a good idea of how beautiful & unique they are.

Need a custom reclaimed sliding door? Or have an idea for a different project? We love custom projects & we ship or deliver & install, depending on location. Get in touch to get started.

Shop the site for more of Red Rooster’s signature goods…

Shop more of Red Rooster’s signature goods…


They say art is exceptional when made with love and hard work and I find this so appropriate when it comes to Red Rooster. I found them on Instagram and got our very first Home Brew Kit and couldn’t NOT fall in love with it. Since then, we have worked on so many customized projects- shelves, old school swing, lazy Susan and without fail, every single product is exceptional and simply beautiful. Personally, I love the raw look in anything. I think that makes things look more real in this busy crazy world. On top of everything, supporting a small local business is one of my top priorities these days and I am so happy that I could do that with you guys. Good luck with everything! Justin is amazing and so is his work :).


For BEHIND THE SCENES at the shop where we build our hand coffee grinders and other goods follow us on facebook & instagram.

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