Have you ever taken down a barn? Welp… it takes quite a lot of blood, sweat and even a few tears. But, boy oh boy… is it worth it!

There is nothing quite like a reclaimed, axe-hewn beam that is repurposed into a stand-out piece of your home. Ideas include: decorative trusses & gables, deck & porch posts, stair railings, mantels or that one-of-a-kind piece of furniture that you have been dreaming about.

Justin’s latest project added so much old world charm & character to this beautiful new build. If you wanna see more pics of the outside and indoor decorative trusses keep scrolling.

Until next time… keep on. And keep looking up.

ps. Give us a shout if you are looking for something just like this or have an original idea all your own. We love custom. And we ship or deliver & install depending on location.

pss. Fastest way to contact us is via email {sales@redroostertradingcompany.com}

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