Worth the wait… this version of the Camano Coffee Mill is not only even more beautiful, but it produces an even better & more consistent grind. Taking into consideration all the feedback we received from our customers and having used the Camano every day we made some revisions important to offer you a superior grinder.

Now with the Camano Coffee Mill you have the option for a super fine grind for Turkish to a coarse grind for French Press and everything in between. A ceramic burr provides an extra consistent grind and there are more settings for additional grind options. The top arch is now cast iron instead of hard plastic & a new cast iron arch is added inside the hopper. The new top arch and inside arch offer further stability for the shaft which allows for a much more consistent grind. Add FDA approved finishes and all the aesthetic changes that were made and you get the Camano Coffee Mill that has an even better grind & is even more beautiful.

The first run of Camano Coffee Mills will be ready to ship approximately June 1, 2016. The next run will be released shortly after. The Camano Coffee Mill will be offered on a first come, first serve basis. PRE-ORDER your Camano Coffee Mill and get back to the grind.

Old Barn. New Furniture.

Authentic factory cart, original cast iron hardware, top is built using century old barnwood from this barn we took down.

Authentic factory cart, original cast iron hardware, top is built using century old barnwood from this barn we carefully salvaged.

This is the amazing timber frame peg barn that we took down carefully by hand to salvage everything we could including most of the pegs and antique nails. Each piece of Red Rooster Furniture is unique and crafted by hand. Mixing salvaged metal and wood gives it an industrial look and mixes well with more modern pieces. Shop the site or contact us for the custom piece you have been dreaming about.


Original Barn was covered with Metal Siding hiding and protecting all the beautiful wood. This is before the take down.


Justin with a birds eye view.


Amazing how the care and pride that was taken when building so long ago.


Beautiful Timbers and even some old red bricks.


Coffee to Go is back!!

Red-Rooster-coffee-to-goWe are so excited to have our Coffee to Go back in stock. We know you work hard, so why don’t you take 20% off the Coffee to Go with code ilovecoffee.

It really is the perfect kit for coffee on the road, at the office or at home! Brew your favorite coffee with the Pour Mason right into your leather mug, add the cuppow and voila! Traveling (and handsome to boot) coffee.


pour-mason-coffee-to-go coffee-to-go

coffee-to-go-2 coffee-to-go-rr

All I want for Christmas…

We had to wait til after Christmas to share this story so as not to ruin the surprise. Imagine our delight when we received a text from a friend… She said that her son and she were talking and he needed a nightstand in his room. She suggested that he put that on his Christmas list. He then wondered aloud if she thought Justin would build him a nightstand. Doesn’t that make your heart go pitter pat… But of course! This 12 year old’s got style. We were able to get it done in time for Christmas and he was pleasantly surprised on Christmas morning! Surprisingly *sarcasm*  I could have found a home for this piece and it was hard to let go. But seeing the look on his face in the pic his mom shared made it all worthwhile!! Thanks Jennings family for making our day!


red-rooster-nightstand-3 red-rooster-nightstand red-rooster-nightstand-2

Still Time to Shop for Father’s Day.

Father’s Day is just around the corner and there is still time to shop. Below are some great gift ideas! If you aren’t sure what to get him we now offer gift cards.


Coffee is a health food.


It’s like dark chocolate: How can something so good be good for you? Well, it’s time you started believing in the power of your java.

Coffee is the number one source of antioxidants in the U.S. diet, according to a study from the University of Scranton. Plus, a growing body of research suggests that quaffing a few cups a day can reduce your risk of type 2 diabetes, Alzheimer’s, and even prostate cancer.

The catch? While any coffee will provide some payoff, you need to pick the right roast, storage strategy, and brew method if you want joe with mojo. Here’s your step-by-step guide to making your coffee its healthiest.

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Originally Published by Men’s Health on April 13, 2014

Happy Birthday Red Rooster!

Happy 4th Birthday Red Rooster!! I had the privilege to travel to the Philippines when I was younger and learned a birthday tradition. The birthday girl or boy actually gives their friends gifts — here we have had it backwards all these years :). We are going to go with their tradition and give away a Camano Coffee Mill!! You have til Midnight April 1, 2014 to Midnight April 4, 2014 to enter — the winner will be chosen and announced noonish on Friday April 4, 2014.

Enter to win below… there are several ways to enter!! Good luck! And thanks so much for your encouragement and support, we wouldn’t be here without you all!!

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Red Rooster Mugs are finally Here!

It has taken a while… but our Red Rooster mugs are finally here! We actually had a batch a while back but after our first uses they were chipping & the logo was coming off — we could definitely not put them up for sale. These mugs are better quality, the color is better & we have put them to the test. We LOVE our Red Rooster mugs and know you will too.

To celebrate we are going to giveaway two Red Rooster mugs – one black & one red. Enter to win below – plenty of ways to enter – the more you share the more chances you have to win!! Starts March 4, 2014 at 5:00pm and ends March 12, 2014. Good luck!

To purchase more Red Rooster mugs visit our online shop —


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Tutorials Now Playing!




Hand.built Furniture

Justin built this piece recently as a custom order. He was given the freedom to build as he wished to fit a space. This is what he came up with… he never ceases to amaze me. I think he has done it all and then this happens. He used century old barnwood and salvaged windows & hardware that we have picked along the way. We have quite a nice stock of century old barnwood & salvaged windows & hardware that are just waiting to be put to good use. If you are interested in a custom piece or pieces contact us for more info. or 509-429-3714

Hand.built console & cabinet
custom barnwood furniture
Modern Rustic Furniture
Salvaged Barnwood Furniture
Red Rooster Furniture
Quality hardwood furniture
Built by Justin


  • zinc wide mouth lids