burrus-family-red-rooster-trading-companyThere’s something wonderful about combining smart design with classic construction, don’t you think?

At Red Rooster Trading Company, we believe in delivering handmade, durable goods that are both functional and beautiful.

Our story began as a dream of building gorgeous products and sharing them with others. In 2010, we started producing the Camano Coffee Mill. It’s hand-crank mechanics, mason jar base, USA-made components, and elegantly stained wood quickly made it a top seller (a title it still holds today). And we didn’t stop there. With an emphasis on quality parts, practicality, and character, we expanded our line of products to include the Mabana grinder, pour masons, and one-of-a-kind furniture (seriously–where else can you find an authentic factory cart topped with salvaged century old barnwood?).

Situated in rural northeast Missouri, we’re continually inspired by the rolling hills, tall oaks, friendly livestock, and colorful sunsets that surround us. We like to think that our products evoke a sense of timelessness and charm, and we even incorporate reclaimed wood from historic Midwest barns in our designs when possible.

It’s still wild to think about how far Red Rooster has come–from a make-shift basement assembly line to a bustling warehouse on our farm. We’re feeling pretty blessed! In the past few years, we’ve done business with wonderful folks from Seattle to Tokyo. They love our inventory, our customer service, and our attention to detail. We think you will, too.

We use all of Red Rooster’s goods &  are so sure that you will love your hand.built goods just as much as we do that we offer a 90-day Money Back {No Questions Asked} Satisfaction Guarantee!

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