Our favorite way to brew is using the Camano Coffee Mill &  Red Rooster Dripstand, we don’t even have an electric grinder or coffee maker anymore. Once we started using the Camano Coffee Mill with our Red Rooster Dripstand there was no going back. These are the steps we take to brew what we think is the perfect cup. You will have to try it and may modify a few things for your perfect cup.

coffee pour over method

Step 1: Boil. We currently use the electric Bonavita Kettle which boils water in less than 2 minutes. The important part of the kettle you use is that it is a gooseneck. It makes it easier to control the flow of the water. While your water is boiling fill your coffee mug with hot water to warm your cup.

coffee pour over method

Step 2: Fold & Rinse.  We have tried several glass and porcelain drip cones and our favorite is a #4 HIC Porcelain Cone. It has 3 holes for an even drip, is sturdy and the price is reasonable. We also use #4 White Paper Filters. Fold the edges of the filter as seen in the picture above. Insert filter into porcelain drip cone & rinse filter with hot water, this really does help… the paper can leave a funny taste.

manual coffee grinder
hand crank burr grinder

Step 3: Fill & Grind. Fill the hopper with your favorite coffee beans. We use our 2oz Coffee bean Scoop to fill the Camano Coffee Mill hopper and set the mill to a medium grind. It takes about a minute to grind 4 tablespoons, which is what we use for a 12oz cup and about 2 1/2 minutes to grind a full hopper. You may find that you only want to use 3 or 5 tablespoons. From here it is just whatever you prefer.

coffee pour over method

Step 4: Saturate. Add 4 tablespoons of your perfectly ground coffee to the porcelain cone with rinsed paper filter. Shake the cone a little to settle the grounds. Pour hot water slowly and evenly with a back and forth motion to saturate the grounds.

coffee pourover method

Step 5: Bloom. After you have saturated the grounds wait a few seconds and watch the grounds bloom. The grounds will puff up and bubble a little.The bloom means that you are on the way to an excellent cup of joe.

Red Rooster coffee pour over system

Step 6: Pour & Drip. After the coffee grounds have bloomed continue to pour hot water slowly in a circular motion starting from the inside and going out. Don’t fill cone to the top, only go about halfway. Do this as many times as it takes to get about 12oz of coffee.

Step 7: Mmm…Enjoy! Get ready to enjoy the best cup of coffee you have ever had. When we first started drinking coffee we used cream & sugar. Since we started brewing using the Camano & Red Rooster Dripstand we now drink our coffee black. You won’t believe the flavors and undertones you will taste. Manually grinding your coffee and using the pourover method is one of the best ways to extract maximum flavor. You may find that you enjoy different blends & varietals than you have in the past as you will start tasting new flavors you hadn’t noticed before.

Thanks so much for stopping by, hope this helps you get to your perfect cup of coffee!

We’d love to hear from you as to what your favorite way to brew is. Leave a comment or shoot us an email justin@redroostertradingcompany.com

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